Call for conference proposals 2024

The International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), organized every two years, is one of the main events of the International Society on MCDM. We are now welcoming proposals to organize the 27th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making in 2024. The society values its traditions highly and makes sure to maintain them through its activities, especially the conferences. It is important that the proposals to organize the next conference include plans to follow the traditions of the society. These traditions are explained here. According to the bylaws of the society, the international conference chairperson shall be responsible for all the conference arrangements and for information dissemination as directed by the executive committee. He/she shall be an ex officio member of the executive committee. The proposal should contain at least the following information: 

1. Name of conference chairperson with address, e-mail, telephone number, and names of other main organizers, if already known (e.g., chair of program committee). 

2. Venue and host institution of the conference. 

3. Support from host institution and from other organizations (if available, financial or other, please specify details). 

4. Possible available assistance (estimate of the number of staff members and students to be involved in the local organization). 

5. Registration fee (including lunches, coffee breaks, outing, banquet, abstract book, etc.) - regular and student fees (as reliable an estimate as possible). Indicate also the maximum registration fee which will not be exceeded. 

6. Program outline. 

7. Tentative possible dates and the theme of the conference. 

8. Information about transportation to the conference venue (e.g., from main airports). 

9. Accommodation alternatives (including low cost alternatives for students), their approximate prices, and proximities to the conference venue. 

10. Capacities of the main auditorium and other rooms for parallel sessions (including the number of such rooms available). 

11. Information regarding whether the organizers intend to organize special sessions (e.g., to build bridges between fields related to MCDM). 

12. Information on if and why there are potential difficulties in following some of the traditions of the society. 

13. Attractions of the location/venue. 

14. Any past experience in organizing international conferences and finding sponsors (in the proposed venue or elsewhere). Provide information on events, sponsors, dates, etc. The executive committee of the society will decide on the venue at its meeting in Portsmouth during the 26 th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM 2022) in June 2022. The organizer or a representative is expected to present the proposal at the meeting of the executive committee and answer questions raised by the committee. In case there are more than one promising proposals to organize MCDM 2024, it is possible to determine the hosts of the next two conferences in the same meeting. Please mention in your proposal whether you are interested in organizing MCDM 2026 if you are not selected to organize MCDM 2024. Send your proposal by e-mail to the president of the society, Prof. Matthias Ehrgott, at by June 15, 2022. Please direct any questions you may have by email as well.

Announcement Date: 
Wednesday, May 25, 2022