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Mission of the Society

MCDM can be defined as the study of methods and procedures by which concerns about multiple conficting criteria can be formally incorporated into the management planning process.

The purposes of the Society are to develop, test, evaluate and apply methodologies for solving multiple criteria decision making problems, to foster interaction and research in the scientific field of multiple criteria decision making, and to cooperate with other organizations in the study of management from a quantitative perspective. These purposes are to be carried out by:


About 2200 in almost 100 countries.

Any interested and professionally qualified person can apply for membership. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Society, please follow this link.

Executive Committee

Murat Köksalan, President of the Society
Middle East Technical University
President (at)
Turkey 2015-2019
Sarah Ben Amor , Next Meeting Ex-Officio
University of Ottawa
Canada 2015-2019
Matthias Ehrgott
Lancaster University
Great Britain 2013-2017
Martin J. Geiger, Past Meeting Ex-Officio
Helmut Schmidt University
Germany 2013-2017
Birsen Karpak, Vice-President of Finance
Youngstown State University
USA 2015-2019
Kathrin Klamroth
Bergische Universität Wuppertal
Germany 2013-2017
Pekka Korhonen
Aalto University, emeritus
Finland 2013-2017
Kaisa Miettinen, Immediate Past-President,
University of Jyväskylä
Finland 2015-2019
Hirotaka Nakayama
Konan University
Japan 2013-2017
Johannes Siebert, Newsletter Editor
University of Bayreuth
newsletter (at)
Germany 2015-2019
Theo Stewart, Chairman of the the Awards Committee
University of Cape Town, emeritus
South Africa 2013-2017
İlker Topçu , Next Meeting Ex-Officio
İstanbul Technical University
Turkey 2015-2019
Jyrki Wallenius, Chairman of the MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee
Aalto University
Finland 2011-2015
Banu Lokman, Secretary
Middle East Technical University
Secretary (at)
Turkey 2015-2019

Presidents of the Society

Below is the list of all the Presidents of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making and of the Special Interest Group that preceded the Society.

President Term
Stanley Zionts -1992
Ralph Steuer 1992-1997
Pekka Korhonen 1997-2000
Valerie Belton 2000-2004
Theodor Stewart 2004-2008
Jyrki Wallenius 2008-2011
Kaisa Miettinen 2011-2015
Murat Köksalan2015-


The Executive Committee of the Society decides which of the following Awards will be given: the MCDM Gold Medal; the Edgeworth-Pareto Award; and the Georg Cantor Award. All members of the Society are eligible to make nominations to the Awards Committee, in a manner the Committee shall specify. The Awards will be presented at International Conferences; Honorees are expected to give a lecture at the Conference at which they receive Awards.

The MCDM Gold Medal

This is the highest honor that the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making bestows upon a scholar who, over a distinguished career, has devoted much of his/her talent, time, and energy to advancing the field of MCDM, and who has markedly contributed to the theory, methodology, and practice of MCDM.

The MCDM Edgeworth-Pareto Award

As the highest distinction that the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making bestows upon a researcher who, over his/her career, has established a record of creativity to the extent that the field of MCDM would not exist in its current form without the far-reaching contributions from this distinguished scholar.

The Georg Cantor Award

As the highest form of recognition that the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making bestows upon a researcher who, over his/her distinguished career, has personified the spirit of independent inquiry and whose many innovative ideas and achievements are decidedly reflected in the theory, methodology, and current practices of MCDM.

MCDM Gold Medal Edgeworth-Pareto Award Georg Cantor Award
1992 Stanley Zionts Po-Lung Yu
Milan Zeleny
Andrzej P. Wierzbicki
1994 Oleg I. Larichev Jyrki Wallenius Pekka Korhonen
1995 Bernard Roy Hirotaka Nakayama Yacov Y. Haimes
1997 Ralph E. Steuer Roman Słowinski -
1998 Ralph L. Keeney
Howard Raiffa
Jared L. Cohon Tomas Gal
2000 Thomas Saaty Alexander Lotov Philippe Vincke
2002 Jaap Spronk - Masatoshi Sakawa
2004 William W. Cooper Raimo P. Hämäläinen Harold P. Benson
2006 Murat Köksalan James S. Dyer Carlos Romero
2008 Theodor J. Stewart Kalyanmoy Deb Valerie Belton
2009 Benedetto Matarazzo
Detlof von Winterfeldt
Gwo-Hshiung Tzeng Yong Shi
2011 - Matthias Ehrgott Tetsuzo Tanino
2013 Salvatore Greco Constantin Zopounidis João Climaco
2015 Yannis Siskos Peter J. Fleming David E. Bell

The MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award

The executive committee of the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making decided to introduce the MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award, to the best dissertation related to MCDM, in 2011. After the first award was given in Jyväskylä (Finland), the executive committee decided to continue awarding it also in later conferences.

Year Awardee
2011 Özgür Özpeynirci
2013 Miłosz Kadziński
2015 Sebastiaan Breedveld


The bylaws of the Society were accepted at the Business Meeting of the Society in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, June 11, 1998.

Meetings of the Society

Business Meetings are organized at International Conferences, every two years. The reports of the proceedings of the last six Business Meetings are available electronically.

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