2019 MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award

Multiple Criteria Decision Making Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019

At the 25th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making will bestow the MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award upon a scholar who has recently obtained a doctoral degree and demonstrated excellence in her or his doctoral dissertation research in Multiple Criteria Decision Making or a related field. The MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Competition identifies and recognizes outstanding doctoral dissertation research, completed on January 1, 2017 or later, in the development of theory, methodology, and/or the application of theory or methodology to MCDM.

The MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Award Committee will evaluate the applications, identify finalists, and choose the winner. The award will be announced at the 25th International Conference on Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Istanbul, Turkey, June 16 to June 21, 2019. Each finalist is required to give a talk at the conference. The finalists’ conference fees will be waived.

Deadline for applications: Please email the zip file of the application packet to the awards committee at phdaward@mcdmsociety.org by February 15, 2019. The finalists will be selected and all applicants will be informed about the results of their applications by April 1, 2019.

Eligibility: Those whose dissertations are in MCDM or a related field and who graduated with a doctoral degree on or after January 1, 2017. Only dissertations that are in English are eligible.

Application (documents): The application packet should include the following documents (all of which must be in English, except possibly the diploma):

1. Cover letter.

2. Applicant’s CV, not exceeding 3 pages.

3. Scanned copy of the original diploma of the Doctoral Degree.

4. Electronic copy of the Doctoral Dissertation.

5. Extended Abstract of the Doctoral Dissertation in English, not exceeding four single-spaced pages.

6. Copies of publications/patents based on the Doctoral Dissertation, if any. Manuscripts accepted for publication in journals that are accompanied with the Editors’ acceptance letter can also be submitted.  These publications should be accompanied by a statement from the supervisor confirming that they are extracted  from the dissertation.

7. An endorsement letter from the supervisor(s), highlighting the significance of the dissertation.

8. (Optional) Additional supporting letters that the applicant wishes to attach.

José Rui Figueira
Chair of the International MCDM Doctoral Dissertation Committee
Email: figueira@tecnico.ulisboa.pt

Announcement Date: 
Friday, January 4, 2019