2019 Wiley Practice Prize in MCDA

Call for Submissions: 2019 Wiley Practice Prize in MCDA
John Wiley & Sons Limited, as publishers of the Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, sponsor a prize for the best paper describing a real-life application of multiple criteria decision making presented at International Conferences on Multiple Criteria Decision Making. This prize is once more to be offered at the next conference in Istanbul, Turkey, 16-21 June 2019 (http://www.mcdm2019.org/). The prize is US $1000, while the winning paper and approved finalist papers will be published in the journal.
To be eligible for the prize, a paper should describe a real-world application, or series of applications, of MCDA in which there is clear interaction between the authors and decision makers or other significant stakeholders. Papers simply proposing alternative approaches to problems taken from the literature will not be considered for the prize.

Conference delegates wishing to have their papers considered for the prize should submit a full paper, preferably in PDF form with figures and tables integrated into the text, to Theodor Stewart (Editor in Chief of the journal) at theodor.stewart@uct.ac.za, accompanied by a brief statement explaining the background of the application and the practical impacts of the study.

This submission implies that the paper has not been submitted for publication to any journal.
The following key dates will apply to the process:

Initial submission of papers for the prize should be received by the editor not later than 31 December 2018. Authors are also required to submit abstracts of these papers to the conference by the deadline specified on the website above.
A committee will perform a preliminary screening of submissions to select up to four provisional finalists. The decisions will be conveyed to authors by 14 February 2019.
The provisional finalists will at this point be required within two weeks to upload their papers formally on to the JMCDA on-line submission system. (Instructions will be given at that time). The papers will then be subject to a full review according to the standard procedures of the journal.

Based on the full reviews of the papers received by the journal, the finalists will be confirmed by 30 April, and their papers scheduled into a special session at the conference.

The final decision of the practice prize jury (taking into account reviews of the written papers as well as the oral presentation) will be announced at the conference banquet, on 20 June 2019.

The prize winning paper is ensured publication in the journal, although minor revisions may stillbe requested. Decisions on the others will be subject to reviewers’ comments, and may requirerevisions as a condition for publication. The intention is to group all of these papers into a single issue of the journal if at all possible.

Theo Stewart

Announcement Date: 
Friday, January 4, 2019