Software related to MCDM

In the following we provide a list of software related to MCDM in alphabetical order, categorized as free, semi-commercial and commercial (typically with a free demo available). Note that this list does not represent any recommendation of the society. 

Free software

  • ASMO is a Matlab-based solver for multiobjective nonlinear optimization problems (MOP) which is based on scalarization approaches. ASMO can be found on Github.
  • BENSOLVE Free MatLab implementation of Benson's algorithm to solve linear vector optimization problems.
  • Comprehensive Package for Multi-objective Integer Programming A package containing source codes to enumerate all (or some of the) nondominated points; to optimize a linear function over the set of efficient solutions (to an arbitrary optimality gap; to compute the Nadir point; and to compute an arbitrary component of the Nadir point.
  • Decisionarium, global space for decision support (for academic use).
  • DESDEO, an open-source software framework for interactive multiobjective optimization. DESDEO can be found on Github
  • DEXi, program for qualitative multi-attribute decision modelling, developed at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Diviz: A software workbench which helps to design, execute and share complex MCDA/M algorithms and experiments.
  • ElectioVis MCDA multi-method application.
  • Entscheidungsnavi („decision navigation“): A free decision support tool, available in German and English, with a decision front end supporting the ideas, concepts, and methods of value-focused thinking and a decision back end based on Multi Attribute Utility Theory ( MAUT).
  • FITradeoff Flexible and Interactive Tradeoff elicitation procedure for multicriteria additive models in MAVT scope. Available for download on request. 
  • FLO, MATLAB-based software tool "FLO" (Facility Location Optimizer), for solving single- as well as multi-objective location problems
  • GUIMOO, Graphical User Interface for Multi Objective Optimization from INRIA.
  • IDSS Software: MCDM software of the Laboratory of Intelligent Decision Support Systems (University of Poznan, Poland).
  • IND-NIMBUS - implementation of the interactive NIMBUS method that can be connected with different simulation and modelling tools.
  • IRIS and VIP, IRIS - Interactive Robustness analysis and parameters' Inference softward for multicriteria Sorting problems and VIP - Variable Interdependent Parameters Analysis software.
  • MCDA Package for R. Supporting the multi-criteria decision aiding process: R and the MCDA package.
  • MCDA-MSS: a software that reccomends the most suitable MCDA method(s) (among a pool of 205 MCDA methods) for a wide range of decision-making problems.
  • MCDA-ULaval: a software tool that contains many methods of the ELECTRE family
  • MEM - Multiplex Electionis Methodus. A method for multi-criteria choice problem.
  • PriEsT Priority Estimation Tool. A decision making tool for Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).
  • A web-based software dedicated to solve multi-objective mixed-integer programs developed by Gökhan Ceyhan, Murat Köksalan, and Banu Lokman.
  • utility: R package for constructing and plotting objective hierarchies and associated value and utility functions (Nele Schuhwirth and Peter Reichert, EAWAG)
  • ValueDecision: a web app to support decisions with conflicting objectives, multiple stakeholders and uncertainty (Judit Lienert, EAWAG)

Semi-commercial software

  • DecideIT: An MCDM and probabilistic analytical software based on research on second-order belief distrubutions by Mats Danielson and Love Ekenberg (free academic use)

Commercial software

  • Bubble Chart Pro OPTIMAL: desktop software application that integrates a variety of bubble chart types with a SMART (Simple Multi-Attribute Ranking Technique) prioritizer and an easy-to-use LP optimizer.
  • DEFINITE/BOSDA: A toolbox of evaluation methods including Weighted summation, SMART, AHP, ELECTRE 2, Regime Method, Graphical Analysis and extensive sensitivity analysis
  • D-Sight, visual and interactive tool for multicriteria decision aid problems based on the PROMETHEE methods and Multi-Attribute Utility Theory.
  • Helision: A web-based MCDM software, supposed to be very user friendly, based on research on ordering representation by Mats Danielson and Love Ekenberg
  • MACBETH for MCDA, Measuring Attractiveness by a Categorical Based Evaluation TecHnique in MultiCriteria Decison Aid.
  • MAMCA: A tool that allows for the inclusion of multiple stakeholders in the process of evaluation and decision making, developed for more than 10 years
  • modeFRONTIER by ESTECO Spa dedicated to multi-objective optimization and multi-disciplinary design, providing an easy coupling to almost any Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tool.
  • 1000Minds software for Multi-Criteria Decision-Making, prioritisation and resource allocation.