The Georg Cantor Award

This is the highest form of recognition that the International Society on Multiple Criteria Decision Making bestows upon a researcher who has personified the spirit of independent inquiry in developing innovative ideas in the theory and methodology of MCDM, significantly expanding the tools available to MCDM practice.

  Georg Cantor Award
1992 Andrzej P. Wierzbicki
1994 Pekka Korhonen
1995 Yacov Y. Haimes
1997 -
1998 Tomas Gal
2000 Philippe Vincke
2002 Masatoshi Sakawa
2004 Harold P. Benson
2006 Carlos Romero
2008 Valerie Belton
2009 Yong Shi
2011 Tetsuzo Tanino
2013 João Climaco
2015 David E. Bell
2017 Kaisa Miettinen