Chania 2006

Business Meeting, Report of the Proceedings

June 21, 2006, Chania, Greece

Theo Stewart chaired the meeting. (The number of members of the Society attending the meeting was about 80.)

For Report

Elections related to four vacant positions in the Executive Committee

Jyrki Wallenius chaired the Elections Committee.

There are nine candidates (Ami Arbel, Fouad Ben Abdelhaziz, Luiz F. Autran M. Gomes, Salvatore Greco, Jacinto Gonzalez-Pachon, Kathrin Klamroth, Antonie Stam, Daniel Vanderpooten, Luis Vargas) for the four posts in the Executive Committee. The Elections Committee nominated five candidates and four more candidates were nominated by the Members of the Society in the Conference.

The voting will be electronic. The members of the Society will receive further information about the voting procedure by email. All those who were members of the Society before the conference or joined before end of July can vote.

Next Conference

The next International Conference on MCDM, MCDM2008, will be organized in New Zealand. The dates of the conference have not been fixed yet. The conference may take place at the end of year 2007 or at the beginning of 2008. In any case, the idea is to organize the conference during the summer time of New Zealand.