Results of Elections 2022

The election period for the Executive Committee of the MCDM Society is closed since October 1.

A total of 245 (11.6%) of our members cast their votes.

The eight candidates received the following number of votes:


Salvatore Greco (126)

Ralph Steuer (120)

Kathrin Klamroth (110)

Danielle Morais (105)


Andrea Raith (88)

Dylan Jones (63)

Hatem Masri (61)

Janusz Miroforidis (43)


The first four candidates are thus elected as members of the EC from 2022-2026. We congratulate Salvatore Greco, Ralph Steuer, Kathrin Klamroth and Danielle Morais. 


Announcement Date: 
Monday, October 10, 2022